Project Document Filing

Proper Filing Structure for Project Documents | taught by Tony Booth

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Course description

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Setting up proper filing systems and organization.

Learn to:

  1. Establish a filing system
  2. Share important information
  3. Manage updates
Tony Booth
Tony Booth
The Contracting Coach

Tony Booth turns ordinary construction companies into Elite contracting organizations. As host of the daily podcast, The Contracting Coachcast, Tony provides contractors with tips, ideas and knowledge that help contractors elevate their game.

In his 30-year construction career Tony has owned and operated small business construction firms, worked for some of the largest contractors in the world and assisted small contractors grow their firms into multi-million dollar operations. His unique approach to client relations has helped him complete over $200 million in contracts for less than 10 repeat clients.

In recent years, Tony has embarked on an entrepreneurial journey with a vision to assist small business contractors on a large scale and help turn ordinary construction firms into successful and prosperous businesses. This journey started with working one on one with individual firms to improve efficiencies in operations and business development. In 2014, Tony launched, an online community and daily podcast for construction contractors.

Course Curriculum

Project Document Filing Introduction
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Setting Up Project Files Using Dropbox
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